1) принцип
2) основа
3) закон

to abandon principles — отказываться от принципов

to accept principles — принимать принципы

to adhere to a principle — быть верным принципу, придерживаться принципа

to adopt a principle — принимать принцип

to assert a principle — утверждать принцип

to be based on respect for the principle of sovereign equality — основываться на уважении принципа суверенного равенства

to bolster the principles of peaceful coexistence — поддерживать принципы мирного сосуществования

to break a principle — нарушать принцип

to compromise one's principles — поступаться своими принципами

to defend one's principles against smb — защищать свои принципы от кого-л.

to ditch one's principles — отказываться от своих принципов

to enunciate a principle — провозглашать принцип

to follow a principle — следовать принципу

to formulate a principle — формулировать принцип

to forsake one's principles — поступаться своими принципами

to give up one's principles — отказываться от своих принципов

to implement a principle — осуществлять принцип

to invoke principles — учитывать принципы

to issue guiding principles — издавать руководящие принципы

to lay down principles — устанавливать принципы

to live up to definite principles — жить согласно определенным принципам

to observe principles — соблюдать принципы

to proclaim a principle — провозглашать принцип

to realize principles — реализовывать принципы

to recognize principles — признавать принципы

to restore UN's principles — восстанавливать / возрождать принципы ООН

to set forth / out principles — излагать принципы

to strengthen principles — укреплять принципы

to swallow one's principles — поступаться своими принципами

to uphold a principle — отстаивать принцип

to violate a principle — нарушать принцип

to weaken progressive principles — ослаблять прогрессивные принципы

to work put principles — вырабатывать принципы

- adherence to one's principles
- adoption of a precautionary principle
- application of principles
- basic principle
- ceiling principle
- consensus principle
- contravention of the principles of the UN
- democratic principles
- ethical principle
- floor principle
- foreign-policy principles
- fundamental principle
- funding principle
- general principles
- generally accepted accounting principles
- guiding principle
- Haldane principle
- human principles
- humanistic principles
- ideological principle
- immutable principle
- in accordance with the principles
- in conformity with the principles
- just principles
- key principle
- liberal-democratic principles
- matching principle
- methodological principle
- military-political principle
- moral principles
- most-favored-nation principle
- national principle
- noble principles
- observance of principles
- organizational principle
- overriding principle
- per capita ceiling principle
- policy-making principles
- practical principles
- principle of one man one vote
- principle of action
- principle of collective leadership
- principle of collective security
- principle of equal advantage
- principle of equal rights among peoples
- principle of equal security
- principle of equity
- principle of freedom of information
- principle of good neighborliness
- principle of independence
- principle of material incentive
- principle of nonalignment
- principle of nondiscrimination
- principle of non-use of force in international relations
- principle of one-man management
- principle of optimality
- principle of peaceful co-existence
- principle of preferential treatment
- principle of price parity
- principle of relief for low per capita income countries
- principle of safeguarding
- principle of self-determination of peoples
- principle of self-reliant development
- principle of social justice
- principle of sovereignty
- principle of unanimity of the permanent members of the Council
- principles of cooperation
- principles of economic assistance
- principles of equality of all people
- principles of justice and international law
- principles of labor legislation
- principles of management
- principles of mutual respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty
- production of guiding principles
- profit-making principles
- progressive principles
- radical principle
- recommitment to the principles
- rightful principles
- scientific and technological principles
- self-help principle
- sound principles
- strategic principles
- tactical principles
- the principles laid down by the Constitution
- the principles laid down in the UN Charter
- the principles of the Charter
- the principles of the United Nations
- unanimity principle
- underlying principle
- unshakable principles

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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